JavaScript Engineers | Sports data firm

£550 - £600 per day


As a senior Front End engineer, your role will be to Lead, architect, and build React/JavaScript projects in both client and server-side environments. Working with the team to connect engineering deliverables to client business objectives, providing estimates for JavaScript and React project work, modularizing goals into digestible chunks and tasks.

As a senior, you will be expected to craft and sole complex web applications and technical solutions using the latest JavaScript technologies. You will be involved with building a browser-based data tool, building beautiful and reusable UI components, and overcoming functionality challenges found in their web applications. React, ES6, mobx, mobx-state-tree, styled-components, next.js, WebSocket, WebRTC, WebGL, webpack, babel, jest, nightwatch.js, AWS S3, Cloudfront, Fargate, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, CircleCI, Jenkins…  are a few of the state-of-the-art techs you will work with.


Founded on 2013, this digital sports data firm facilitate the capture of unknown fans, and deliver the tools required to engage them in a tailored fashion, turning them from passive fans into invested and engaged consumers, improving commercial value and ROI for their clients.

They data, app and web solutions are managed by a powerful digital experience platform. Helping professional sports clubs, leagues, federations, venues and the media make use of their engaged audience, and enable reach and engagement of passive audiences in a tailored manner.


      • 5+ years experience building scalable web-based JavaScript applications that work with and consume API data.
      • Experience developing web-based applications using ES6+, React, and Node.
      • Experience in the architectural concepts behind React, such as: state and data management, JSX, creating a componentized system, and Webpack.

If you like the sound of this role, please feel free to message us directly and use the Drag & Drop to send your CV, we will follow up with a call to discuss!